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What is so special about the Chikankari Clothing of Lucknow

Lucknow is famous for two kinds of chikan. One represents the delicious food and the other represents the legacy of world class fabrics. Lucknow Chikankari dress is something which you always want to wear to get the best of comfort, style and class.

The fabric of Chikan Kurta, Chikan Suits, Chikankari Dress, Chikan Kurti, is prepared with the perfect expertise of ancient art. This Chikan fabric is into trend for a couple of hundreds year ago. 

To prepare the chikankari art we have experts who has experience of over 40+ years. They have learnt this art from their ancestors. These famous Lucknow chikan clothes and chikan sarees are basically from the old Lucknow.

Our Lucknow Chikan Online store has unique and authentic chikan clothing designs which are suitable for every occasion like wedding, party, engagements or your daily office clothes. 

You can always trust on the quality of pure and authentic Lucknow chikan clothes. You can always purchase  Chikan online from anywhere in the world. 

Experience the Heritage Legacy of Lucknow Chikan Clothing and Feel Proud

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